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Lamp Posts and Lights

The responsibility for lamp posts and lighting in Rye rests with East Sussex County Council, Highways Department. If a light is faulty or missing then there is a simple way of advising the Council using its web site. I had doubts whether this would work but recently I used it with a successful outcome.

A light fitting attached to a house in the Mint completely disappeared earlier in the year. We guess that it had been hit by one of the over large lorries that mount the pavement in that part of Rye leaving the wires exposed see picture on right. So I sent a picture to East Sussex, Roads and Networks,Street lighting and traffic signals where there is report a fault form See Here

Within a fortnight the light had been replaced so therefore credit where its due as we complain when things do not work.

On the other hand committee members have noticed that there has been a programme of repainting of the lamp posts around the town which in a way is excellent as some were badly rusted. However unfortunately in doing the painting the distinctive Sussex crests that were on many of the posts have been painted over which is loss of a Rye feature even though the crests were probably not very old. It would seem difficult to restore them, but maybe not impossible...

The pictures below indicate the loss (and also the obvious need for repainting).

This picture taken by Wayne Jones before the post

was painted.

Maybe a restoration job for some Rye artists!

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