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Monthly Planning - Reports/Updates

These monthly reports below written by the Executive Committee cover the planning proposals within the Rye area being considered by Rother planners.

Amongst the current proposals are plans for the Thomas Peacocke, Queen Adelaide site, Bridge Point, Rye College all weather pitch, the former Night Club 48 Ferry Road, the George Hotel, Barclays Bank and the Pizza and Prosecco Bar

From July 2020 to present, click button for full report.

Recent Planning Applications

& letters to Rother

Ferry Road

The Society has written a letter of objection to Rother concerning the proposed development adjacent to the railway line at Mill Lane and Ferry Road. This can be read here

Nat West Bank Conversion Plan






Application does not meet requirements of Rye Neighbourhood Plan Policy B1.


ʻExisting employment and business floor space will be safeguarded unless it can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority that the premises are no longer suitable for employment and evidence has been submitted that demonstrates that the property has been actively marketed for at least 18 months on realistic market terms; further it is shown that there is no prospect of new employment and business occupiers being found or to more modern facilities within the locality including at Rye Harbour.ʼ


No such evidence is provided. If it can be shown that there is not a commercial use RCS would not oppose a change of use to residential but it is in the High Street which is the commercial /business core of Rye. RCS believes that the Heritage Statement is incorrect in stating that the use as a bank dates from the 1930s, as there is evidence that the property was used as a bank in 1859

Rye College Staff Car Park Lighting

The Society has objected to the proposed lighting at the staff car park on grounds of effect on neighbours and light pollution. We have written accordingly

Wild Life Meadow on Salts

The Society is concerned about the proposal to grow a wild life meadow on the old putting green on the Salts and have written to Rother accordingly.

Rock Channel Studios
The Society has written a letter to Rother supporting the proposal to convert redundant warehouse into a multi purpose art centre.
Please click button below to read letter:
Rye College all weather football Pitch with Floodlighting.

The Society Has written objecting to the proposal. Please click button to read letter.

Thomas Peacocke site Development

The Society has written a detailed letter of objection to Rother concerning the revised proposals for the Thomas Peacocke site.

To see and read the letter please click here:

Entrance Lower School Site.jpg

BP Filling Station Udimore Road

The Rye Conservation Society objected to the revised Planning application for a BP Filling Station and Shop on Udimore Road - Land North of Rye TN31 6AA. 

Press button below for  a copy of our objection. (The application was turned down on Appeal)

Conversion of Night Club and Private Members Club Ferry Road

Despite fully supporting the reuse of historic buildings in Rye the Society has objected to this application on grounds of the need  to better conserve features of the corn and hop warehouse, to mitigate the effect of the proposal on neighbouring properties and the loss of scarce on street parking.

Press the button below for details of our objection.

Planning Letter October 2019

Please click below for October planning comments, including Nat West Bank.

Planning Letter July 2019

Please click below for July planning comments.

Planning Letter April 2019

Planning Letter August 2019

Please click below for August Planning comments

Planning Letter June 2019

Please click below for April Planning Comments.

Planning Letter January 2019

Please click below for January

Planning Comments

Planning Letter October 2018

Please click below for October Planning Report

Planning Comments 8 August

For our planning comments  submitted to Rother on 8 August click  button below.

Planning Comments 15 May

For the planning comments from the Society submitted to Rother on 6 April press  button below.

Planning Comments 14 March

Our Planning Comments as sent to Rother 0n 14 March. Press button below.

Please click below for June planning comments

Planning Letter February 2019

Please click below for February Planning Comments

Planning Report November 2018

Please click below for November Planning Report


Planning Comments 10 September

For our Planning comments submitted to Rother on 10 september click button below.

Planning Comments 5 July

For the planning comments from the Society submitted to Rother on 5 July press  button below.

Planning Comments 6 April

For the planning comments from the Society submitted to Rother on 6 April press  button below.

Lamb House Application

Following an initial consideration the Society did not object to the Application. But following representation from members it has been decided that until additional information is provided on exactly how Lamb House and Gardens are to be used and for what hours the Society may reconsider its decision. Press button below for our letter to Rother.

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