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Buildings of Rye

by John Griffiths 

The photographs contained in this website are available in a booklet which includes additional high quality colour photographs and descriptive content on the materials and buildings of Rye. It is a well researched informative guide for anyone wishing to explore the streets of Rye and the variety of historic architecture.

It would make an excellent gift or souvenir.

Buildings of Rye is available from Adams Printers & Stationers, High Street, Rye.

Rye Through Time 

By Alan Dickinson.  

Alan Dickinson aims to explore how the passage of time has affected the town.


The reader is invited to look at the rural setting of the town, as well as its monuments, streets, buildings, rivers and quays, and may be surprised by how little has changed in the local scene.

Enthusiasts for boats, land transport and costume will find much of interest in Rye Through Time.

Available from Rye Museum, 3 East Street Rye and from Amazon.


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