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Rother Press Release on Landgate

Rother released a press release today reproduced below concerning the works to be carried out to maintain the Landgate. This follows a meeting of concerned parties including the Conservation Society last week. Hopefully this will be the start of a new chapter. We hope to help raise funds for the restoration of the clock.

Repair work on the way at historic Rye landmark

AN ICONIC ancient structure dating back to the 1300s is to undergo repairs to preserve its future.

The Landgate, in Rye, will also receive a thorough interior clean of both towers to remove pigeon droppings and other debris, while new pigeon netting will be installed on all openings to deter the feathered intruders.

The repair work will see the clock housing repaired, vegetation removed, an old wooden flagpole removed and the tops of all walls checked, weathered to protect against the elements and secured where necessary.

The project is being funded by Rother District Council with contributions from Rye Town Council, The Rye Fund and Rye Conservation Society.

Malcolm Johnston, executive director at Rother District Council, said: “The Landgate is an iconic structure and it’s vital that we carry out these repairs. “The work we’re carrying out will ensure the arch remains safe for residents and visitors, protect the structure of the building and preserve it for the future. “We’re grateful to the various groups that have contributed towards this project and this is a good example of partners working together for the benefit of the community.”

The district council is in the process of appointing a contractor, with work expected to begin in October and to take around four weeks to complete, dependent on the weather.

It’s expected that all high-level work will be carried out by steeplejack and no scaffolding will be required, meaning disruption will be kept to a minimum.

The work will create a safe access to allow a flag to be flown where appropriate and for potential repair of the clock, for which additional funding would be required.

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