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RCS 2019 Awards Nominations

2019 RCS Awards

The following 2019 RCS Awards nominations have been agreed by the Conservation Society committee. The Awards are to be presented at the Christmas Party in Rye Town Hall on 6 December. They were selected from a longer list and gained the most support. We believe that they reflect well on the town and congratulations to the people concerned.

In no particular order they are:

The newly refurbished signal box at Rye Station, a good example of sensitive redecoration and use of colour.

The Waterworks Micro Pub owned by David Roder, re-use of an historic building for a new purpose.

The Merchant and Mills Shop in Cinque Ports Street, alteration and refurbishment of existing building.

External sympathetic renovation of 36 Ferry Road.

Repointing of the WHITEHOUSE by Jim Tomlinson.

We hope that the winners of the above awards will be able to attend the presentation at the Christmas Party.

Rye Neighbourhood Plan

We considered an Award for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee past and present and felt that all involved including several Town Mayors were to be strongly commended for their efforts and in particular to commend Col. Kimber PhD. for driving the Neighbourhood Plan to a successful conclusion. However the Awards should in our view be for physical changes, whatever rulings have been made in the past.

Town Model and Rye Heritage Centre

It has been suggested that the Town Model in the Heritage Centre which is faced with closure could also have been nominated. We are fully supportive of the current efforts to avoid this closure which may involve the setting up of a new charity to take over the operation. Currently the building and Heritage Centre is owned by the Town Council who do not have the resources to continue their current level of subsidy, not helped by the need to pay business rates to Rother District Council for the Centre and the Town Hall. However it does not seem the right time for an Award, but we will, with others, continue to look at and support options to retain this valuable resource.

Photos by David Bookless

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