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Landgate Problems

Back in October 2018 there was a serious clean up of the Landgate which had been suffering from years of neglect and was covered in vegetation and pigeon droppings, the latter caused by hundreds of birds roosting within the structure. This clean up followed a meeting of interested parties including the Conservation Society and a provision of funding primarily by Rother Council.

At the time there was much happiness that at last the Landgate looked in good order as befits the main entrance to the ancient town. However more recently many of our members, and others, have noted that there has been a return of vegetation and that the netting which was installed appears to have suffered damage and birds are once again to seen inside the building, clearly there needs to be some follow up action and a maintenance schedule.

We have one idea for improvement and that is to renovate the sign that is attached to the wall which looks sadly neglected but which we the Conservation Society could perhaps pay to reinstate.

We have heard that Rother are inspecting the structure to decide on alternative courses of action and there is some money left over from the original budget to enable cleaning to take place. I hope that the Landgate committee can be reformed and meet up to agree further action as we all agree that this Rye icon deserves to be looked after on an ongoing basis and not just when it starts to look neglected. Gillian Roder wrote an interesting recent piece in Rye News which is reproduced HERE


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