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Rother Consults on Future Plans

Consultation on Draft Rother District Council’s Corporate Plan

Rother District Council has invited local organisations to have your say on our draft Corporate Plan (2020-2027).

We propose 10 new objectives, each of which has a draft action plan:

  1. Climate emergency

  2. Financial stability

  3. Increase supply of affordable housing

  4. Housing list reduction

  5. Housing supply

  6. Empowered organisation

  7. A fairer society

  8. Development of Rother’s economy

  9. Open council

  10. A town council for Bexhill-on-Sea

You can read the Corporate Plan and how to take part on our website at

This consultation is open to 17 March 2021.

Please share or forward this invitation as appropriate; everyone is welcome to take part.

Download • 307KB


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