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Sally Ann Hart MP Attends AGM

The MP for Rye and Hastings was a guest at the Conservation Society AGM held on Friday 27 May at the St Mary's Centre. The AGM attracted around 50 attendees and was followed by a luncheon in the Mermaid inn attended by a similar number of people.

Apart from Sally Ann Hart MP, the AGM was also attended by the new mayor of Rye, Andy Rivett and Simon Richard, Conservation Officer for Rother District Council. They each spoke warmly about the importance of Conservation and the work of the Society. There was a report of the AGM in Rye News including a summary of the Chairmans Report.

The meeting elected or more accurately reelected the committee for the following year, and thanks were expressed to retiring committee member Michael Stott for his contribution over several years particularly on planning issues. Any members wishing to become more involved by joining the committee are encouraged to make contact.

Outside the St Mary Centre following the meeting:

from left to right Simon Richard, Sally Ann Field MP, David Bookless and Mayor Andy Rivett


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